G-Scale - Donner's Pass   to   Tehachapi


Purpose of MGRR Web Site:
To share with the Garden Railroad Community another solution in the design and construction of a G-Scale Train layout integrated into a Southern California garden environment.
The Design / Methods / and Solutions incorporated into this site are not held out by the author as THE  WAY, as there are numerous other equal and or better solutions to perform the same outcomes.  Many design and construction methods available to use today are directly related to the site location with respect to weather / critter access / designer objectives / technology applications and budgets. 
The theme is based on a 1960 to current, Diesel Locomotive era, primarily of Southern Pacific and its subsequent related road names within California.  All track is Stainless Steel and all motive power is LI battery.  No track power incorporated.   Locomotives have two LI batteries installed, with an A or B switch,  to facilitate up to a minimum of 6 hours of run time without re-charging.
The Owner / Designer and Operator is an Architect, recently retired from a 45 year practice, and has purposely designed the Garden Railroad theme to exclude buildings and any familiarity thereto.  The design theme has concentrated on remote mountainous regions of high timber incorporating an aroma of pine scented fresh air.
The project physically commenced  in the Summer of  2011 and was substantially complete in the Summer of 2013.
The author / designer has concentrated primarily to date on the Railroad exterior infrastructure with just minimal train implementation.  The next phase is a roll out of approx. 15 locomotives and 80 freight and passenger cars. Additional tabs will be added to this web site in the future to have both static and movie pictures of train runs.
This site was conceived through the numerous hours of probing the Internet, a lifelong history of several HO and N scale layouts, talking to other Train Buffs and attendance at the Ontario Train Show in June of each year.
Specific credit in offering many tips / do's and do not's / and the acquisition of physical components used in the site go to the following vendors:
Track / Turnouts / Pneumatic Switch Activation System
     21616 23rd St Ct E
     Lake Tapps, WA  98391
     Tel (+1) 253-862-6748
Decoders / Engine Control Electronics
    AIRWIRE 900 
     CVP Products
     P.O. Box 835772 ·

     Richardson, TX 75083-5772
     Phone: 972.238.9966 · Fax: 972.516.9527
Rolling stock and locomotive electronics:
     3665 NW 98th Avenue
     Polk City, IA  50226
     515-984-6946  or Orders Only  800-266-4337
Conifer Trees:
     P.O. Box 1156

     Mulino, Oregon 
     503-632-3555 between the hours of 8am to 5pm Pacific time
Bridgewerks Bridges
    H&R Trains, Inc. 

     6901 US Highway 19 N

     Pinellas Park, FL  33781   
     (727) 526-4682  

Trackside Signals
    Z-Stuff for Trains 
     420 Mills Street

     Hinsdale, IL  60521  

     (585) 377-0925 

Track Sweeper Car
    Martin Track Sweeper Car
     email:   Sweepercar@aol.com 
Locomotives and majority of Rolling Stock
    USA Trains
     662 Cross St
     Malden, MA 02148

Locomotive Sounds

    Phoenix Sound Systems
     3514 West Liberty Road 

     Ann Arbor MI  48103-9013
Track Side Active Lighted Crossing Gates
    South Bend Signal Company
     2303 Creek Rd.
     Niles, MI 49120
     Phone: 269-684-4361

And Many, Many others!