G-Scale - Donner's Pass   to   Tehachapi


Martin Track Sweeper
Following pictures show the single most important component of my Garden Railroad.   I call it my snail flicker.  Lizards are very curious and check it out as it flings snails their way.

Manufactured by:    Sweepercar@aol.com  Martin Track Sweeper Car made by Earl Martin.
Prior to every running session I push this self contained unit around the track system in front of a locomotive for peace of mind with respect to anything in the right of way that could derail a train.  It has an angled head that flicks snails / lizards / pebbles / leaves etc. to one side of the track for perfect train runs.  I am so committed to the success of this unit I have two of them, one as a stand-by just in case the first one were to ever need service