G-Scale - Donner's Pass   to   Tehachapi


Signals and Crossing Gates

Track Signal Installation
Signals manufactured by Z-Stuff for Trains,  420 Mills Street,  Hinsdale, IL  60521   (585) 377-0925  www.Z-Stuff.net   Smart Signals automatically respond to passing trains and change light colors with time delays back to green after last car passes.....very impressive.  They have been installed for 30 months and still work perfect.  The just need constant 12v power to operate.  Mated to an electrical LB with removal cover.  Screws line up with signal tower and box has a WP gasket.  LB is screwed to the track ladder HDPE below for stability.

MGRR made custom 3" Sewer ABS pipes with caps (bottom cap glued to pipe) as shown in pictures to be able to turn the crossing arm signals upside down under a friction fit cap to protect the signal and electronics from sprinklers and weather between train runs.  The SBS utility shed above sits over a terminal board and 14.4 v battery and the smaller shed to the left of this is the bell unit.  System has sensors out about 8' each side of the signal to activate and de-activate from either direction and works fantastic!

Grade crossing gates / wig-wags crossing signals / equipment sheds and crossing bells are manufactured by:
South Bend Signal Company
2303 Creek Rd.
Niles, MI 49120   Phone: 269-684-4361