TrackHorizontal Support Ladder

All base ladder and support posts are HDPE (plastic / ??)  joined with stainless steel screws.   Posts are spaced at 24" o/c and driven into grade as far as they will go, varying between 8" and 24" depending on soil substrate.  The spacers between the posts and the double horizontal runners are located at  8" o/c and are used for securing the track.  The HDPE was obtained at Lowes and Home Depot and is impervious to rot and termites etc.  Support system was installed to exact vertical grade prior to adding the rocks and soil to enable as perfect as possible a smooth running track system.  One of the horizontal runners was installed to the exact vertical grade with assistance from a laser level system and the second was installed later to allow cross slope of track at curves either up or down for realistic horizontal banking.  A 20' long jig was made to mass produce the runners with spacers as seen in some of the pictures.

​The Horizontal brown HDPE material is available from Home Depot usually located in the outdoor plant sales area.  Search on HD web site by typing Bend-A-Board or Bender board.   The Board ends are shiplaped which works great for tying everything together laterally.



Following are Vertical stakes driven into the soil at 24” o/c. and cut into spacers between the Bend-A-Board. Material takes screws very well and will not rot in soil.  Stake pickets are mfg. by  available from Lowes web site (special order may be required but well worth the wait.



Use (2) Stainless steel screws thru the bender board into each side of stake available from Lowes


Track HDPE Ladder Support system to support the ties / rails and turnouts

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